April 2020

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5G Coronavirus Conspiracy: The Worst Kind of Fake News?

The increasingly popular conspiracy theory linking 5G and the coronavirus pandemic has put telecoms companies in a crisis communications mode, as their masts were attacked by anti-5G activists. Conducting a media analysis of the conversation around the conspiracy, we found that British companies Vodafone, EE, BT and O2 were the most often mentioned telecoms players.

COVID-19 Business Impact Tracker: Financial Services Step up CSR Amid Falling Profits

Before COVID-19, the financial services industry was experiencing an unprecedented period of growth and prosperity. In a matter of only a few weeks, the world of banking has experienced a level of disruption that will probably change everything that had been the norm in financial services. There will not only be a major change in the way financial institutions conduct business, but in the way employees do their work and the way consumers manage their finances.

Coronavirus Economic Impact: Identifying the Thought Leaders

In addition to the healthcare aspects of the coronavirus pandemic, the media has been engrossed in extensive reports and analyses of how the outbreak disrupts the global economy. Most publications point out that we’re witnessing one of the biggest economic shocks in generations, while many commentators believe the world has already entered a recession.

COVID-19 Business Impact Tracker: The Food and Drink Industry During the Pandemic

As restaurants and bars around the world closed down to slow the spread of the coronavirus, food and beverage has been one of the most heavily affected industries during the crisis. The ongoing social distancing measures have created a ripple effect in the manufacturing, production and distribution operations of food and drink companies, while consumers’ hoarding practices have sometimes resulted in empty store shelves.

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