April 2021

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What Does It Take To Be a PR Influencer? A Social Media Analysis

Commetric’s social media analysis shows that the typical PR influencer works at their own agency and has between 6-8K Twitter followers. At least 50% of PR influencers’ tweets are original content (as opposed to retweets) about topics ranging from politics and Covid to climate change and diversity & inclusion.

Neobanking: What Comms Challenges Come With Digitising Finance?

Digital-only banks are increasingly under the media spotlight, as they try to capitalise on the limitations of traditional banking and the negative reputation of legacy finance brands. The recent media debate around neobanking featured big tech players like Google and Amazon, Wall Street giants like Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, and many start-ups, such as Revolut, Monzo and Starling.

Health & Wellness Food: Will Covid Make Meat and Dairy Substitutes the New Normal?

As we’re experiencing one of the most severe health crises in history, health quite naturally moved into the spotlight for many consumers. We analysed the media discussion around meat and dairy substitutes to find out the most popular topics and the most influential companies driving the debate.

Gender Equality: Has Covid Intensified the Debate?

Our analysis of 1,093 articles around gender equality, published in top-tier English-language outlets between October 2020 – March 2021, found that the pandemic has given a new impetus to the discussion, as already familiar problems such as women’s representation in the workforce and the gender pay gap have been closely investigated through the prism of Covid.

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