December 2020

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What’s Beyond Purpose? How to Use ESG to Stand Out From Your Competitors

The term ‘brand purpose’ has become overused, diluted, and vague – trapping us in a dilemma. Every day you’re told you must deliver “purpose-driven” campaigns. But for so many practitioners that’s terrifying – If you don’t work for a brand which aspires to save the world, how can you deliver purpose?

Which Companies Used the Crisis as an Innovation Opportunity? A Media Analysis

Innovation becomes a necessity in a time of crisis. Instead of minimising risk, playing it safe, and conserving resources, which would be the intuitive thing to do during a crisis, many organisations actually rely on innovation to recover from the pandemic and fuel business resilience.

“Vote Fashion”: Is Political Activism the Latest Fashion Trend?

Examining the media conversation around the 2020 US elections, we discovered that one industry has been especially vocal in urging people to vote: fashion. A growing number of fashion brands and retailers have started to cast aside their usual political reticence, releasing limited edition voting merchandise or giving their employees benefits for volunteering at the polls.

Trump Is a Liar, Biden Is a Marxist: The US Election Through a Twitter Lens

Our analysis of the Twitter conversation around the US Election indicated that Biden supporters were more active on Twitter. This corroborates Pew Research Center’s finding that tweets from users who strongly disapprove of Trump are especially prominent in political discussions: this group generates 80% of all tweets from US adults and 72% of tweets mentioning national politics.

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