January 2021

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CES 2021: Pandemic Tech and Home Gadgets Ruled the Virtual Show

Of course, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was all-digital this year. In fact, this instalment of the biggest marketing bonanza for communications professionals in the technology industry made history as the largest ever digital tech event.

Fitness Tech: How Brands Capitalised on Home Workouts During Covid

Like many tech-powered industry niches, the fitness technology sector has been a rare winner during the coronavirus pandemic. While gyms were forced to close for months, people who committed to stay in shape during the quarantine caused an explosion in fitness tech solutions ranging from apps to wearables and connected devices.

Lobbying Bonanza: How Companies Played the Influence Game During Covid

While the pandemic might have shut down much of the US economy, the multi-billion lobbying business – the so-called “industry of influence” – has been booming. As Congress introduced its relief package, companies and interest groups have been hiring lobbyists and regulatory experts, hoping their investments would pay off in federal funding.

Femtech: Will the Latest Digital Health Trend Hit the Mainstream?

The word “Femtech” (denoting medical devices utilised for women’s health) was coined by Ida Tin, founder of the fertility tracker Clue, in 2016. Since then, it gained much popularity within the digital health space, as women’s wellbeing is being transformed into a key growth market for global brands, prompted by cultural shifts like the #MeToo movement and a growing interest in diversity and inclusion.

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