June 2021

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Pride 2021: How Can Brands Steer Clear of Pink-Washing?

Commetric’s media analysis has found that Pride initiatives of advertisers like Disney, Walmart, Amazon, and McDonald’s haven’t been met positively by the media as these companies were accused of sexual orientation discrimination or of supporting anti-LGBTQ+ politicians. On Twitter, almost every big brand was accused of pink-washing.

How Do CEOs Gain Prominence in 2021? A Media Analysis

Using Commetric’s AI-based CEO Media Visibility Tracker, we identified the most prominent CEOs in the media in 2021, analysing the drivers of their growing visibility.

How Do Brands Imagine the Post-Covid World? A Social Media Analysis

Post-pandemic brand communications have moved on from the melancholy tone of pandemic advertising to instilling optimism and messages of hope. The most discussed ad on social media was Google’s “Get Back to What You Love.”

Covid’s Impact on Children: How Can Non-Profits Drive More Engagement?

We used Commetric’s proprietary media conversation impact score to identify the most influential non-for-profit organisations in media debate around children’s issues. Topping the list was UNICEF, a brand that cleverly used PR and comms to become the leading voice on a specific issue, with the top influencer being its Executive Director Henrietta Fore.

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