March 2020

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Free AI Tool Tracks Business Impact of COVID-19

Commetric has launched a free service that provides essential insights into COVID-19’s impact on companies and industries by analysing media coverage. The tool tracks more than 450 types of news-reported corporate events and displays the results as interactive graphics. The database, which is updated daily, covers most publicly-traded companies in the US and sources media coverage from 15,500 publications.

Energy drinks: Media analysis report

Тhe report looks into the conversation around energy drinks in top-tier English-language publications by analysing the main topics of the discussion, the most prominent messages within each topic, as well as the most influential companies and spokespeople.

Coronavirus Infodemic: Can We Quarantine Fake News?

The proliferation of misinformation, rumors and conspiracy theories around the coronavirus has become a growing concern for global healthcare authorities. Conducting a media analysis of the false narratives propagated by alternative media publications, we found the most popular conspiracy claim to be that the coronavirus was some kind of a biological weapon most probably developed by the Chinese government.

Resale and Rental Fashion: The Answer to the Industry’s Unsustainable Price Tag?

While the conversation around sustainability in fashion has been dominated by a focus on sustainable materials, a growing number of stakeholders have started to see resale and rental business models as the solutions to the industry’s environmental footprint. As the cultural stigma of buying secondhand begins to fade away, especially among value-driven shoppers from the millennial generation, resale and rental have become the fastest-growing categories in retail.

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