March 2021

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CEOs and Social Media: Too Much Evangelisation, Not Enough Dialogue

One of the most pertinent problems of CEO comms is the CEOs’ social media activity. Fewer than half of all S&P 500 and FTSE 350 CEOs have a social media presence, and only a quarter have posted anything over the past year, according to a recent survey from business advisory firm Brunswick Group.

Vaccination Misinformation: Can Twitter’s New Policies Pave the Way for Social Media to Fix Its Reputation?

The anti-vaccination movement has reached new peaks in 2020. It has tailored some old claims about vaccine safety to fit the current outbreak and has joined forces with movements protesting the lockdown measures. Some of the most popular hoaxes speculated that the coronavirus was manufactured so that investors in vaccine research and development could profit.

Plastic Pandemic? How Covid Changed the Plastic Debate

Before the pandemic, the media conversation around plastic pollution was becoming livelier and livelier, fuelling an ever-dynamic discussion on social media, in line with the increasing focus on broader themes such as climate change and sustainability. As public awareness of environmental issues continued to grow, plastic pollution became a major focus of science and public health communications.

Earnings Releases and PR: The Perks of Media Analytics

It’s hardly surprising that media mentions from earnings releases, especially outside of the specialised financial press – newsroom cutbacks and shrinking media budgets have made editorial teams consider earnings announcements not newsworthy enough. Many mainstream outlets like the New York Times or the BBC don’t cover earnings at all unless there’s some unusually interesting angle.

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