May 2020

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Has Covid-19 Put an End to the Streaming Wars? A Media Analytics Perspective

Just like in the case of most unconventional wars waged in the business arena, winning or losing the ‘streaming wars‘ is a matter of interpretation, of ‘framing’, as we say in communications management. And while the effects of the streaming wars are what consumers get out of them, the media has been the main battleground where the contenders to the throne have been fighting one another, armed with their corporate reputations.

Netflix: Corporate Reputation Analysis Case Study

Managing corporate reputation has turned into a strategic business objective for many companies, posing serious challenges to PR and comms teams to measure and manage reputation in real-time as standard media listening and analytics solutions are not tailored for reputation monitoring.

COVID-19 Business Impact Tracker: Bank CEOs Most Prominent Corporate Thought Leaders

Alongside medical professionals and government officials, the chief executive officers of the world’s most influential companies are some of the most commonly quoted spokespeople in the media debate around the coronavirus pandemic.

Commetric Wins Best in Marketing Technology In2 SABRE Award

We are honoured to announce that our proprietary reputation analytics platform ComVix has won the Best in Marketing Technology prize at the EMEA 2020 In2 SABRE Awards. This is a testament to Commetric’s long-term commitment to investing in machine learning and natural language processing to enhance insights for our clients.

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