November 2020

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What Is Driving Your CEO Brand Image? A Media Analytics Perspective

Measuring and subsequently managing CEO brand image and reputation is essential for CEOs and their companies, especially in the age of social media. There is general consensus in the marketing literature that people can be considered as brands referred to as “person brands” or “human brands.” CEOs often are assigned as company spokespeople, because they naturally are assumed to share the views and vision of the company, and anything they say or do in public might affect the company.

US Election 2020: How Has Conspiracy Affected the Social Media Discussion?

The pandemic has provided a fertile ground for the QAnon conspiracy theory – which is claiming that a cabal of Satan-worshiping paedophiles is running a global child sex-trafficking ring and plotting against Donald Trump – to move from the political fringe into the global mainstream.

Consumer Boycotts: How Can PR Deal With the New Era of Activism?

Even if they don’t have an immediate impact on earnings, consumer boycotts can still significantly hurt corporate reputations, making them a top priority for PR practitioners across industries. Understanding the drivers of boycott calls through qualitative media research is vital for effective crisis management.

Social Media Meets Artificial Intelligence: Understanding Trump’s and Biden’s Hard Core Supporters on Twitter

The much polarised rhetoric around the US Election 2020 provides us with a unique opportunity to study how language is used by specific subpopulations talking about specific topics. In this example, we are most interested in getting insights on how some key words are related to each other inside the minds of Trump’s and Biden’s supporters.

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