October 2020

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Is Digital Advocacy the Future of Public Affairs? Jamie Oliver Shows Us How It’s Done

Food and health have been a key issue in the conversation around Brexit, with “chlorinated chicken” becoming shorthand for the mounting concerns that British food standards could be sacrificed on the altar of future trade agreements. As the UK Government votes on the Agriculture Bill, we examined the social media resonance of the #SaveOurStandards campaign launched by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver on Twitter.

Consumer Boycotts: The 5 Most Controversial Brands in the Media Right Now

Reading the news, it seems a new consumer boycott is born every five seconds. So often we read about a company whose actions or statements are causing outrage that many are under the impression cancel culture has become an everyday part of corporate life. Research indicates that may not be far from the truth. A recent Lending Tree survey found that 38% of Americans are currently taking part in a boycott of at least one company, compared to only 26% last year.

Why Do Climate Communications Fail? A Strategic Communications Perspective

Why do science communications so often fail to achieve their objectives? Earlier this year the World Health Organisation (WHO) hired public relations firm Hill+Knowlton Strategies to develop a communications programme in the context of the intense criticism levelled at the UN’s public health body for its approach to the global Covid-19 crisis.

Premier League 2020-2021: Which New Players Made the Biggest Media Impact?

To mark the start of the Premier League 2020-2021 season, Commetric tracked the level of media discussion surrounding the new signings making their club debuts over the opening fixtures. English-language news content and social media content was sourced using boolean searches to identify the discussions surrounding key matches and players.

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