September 2020

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Identifying Social Media Influencers Around Climate Change Through Influencer Network Analysis (INA)

In this analysis report, we use Commetric’s proprietary Influencer Network Analysis (INA) methodology to identify and rank KOLs and influencers on social media around the topic of climate change, and demonstrate how we use qualitative analysis to segment influencers and map them to influencer personas designed to overcome the barriers to understanding climate change.

TikTok in US Media: Can TikTok Come on Top of a Political Crisis?

Chinese video-sharing app TikTok found itself embroiled in a severe political crisis as President Donald Trump threatened to ban it from operating in the US, one of its biggest markets, over concerns that the platform could pass US data to Chinese state agencies. Analysing the media debate around the company, we found that TikTok’s response to the crisis wasn’t particularly well-covered in the US media, while half of the articles featured third-party commentators, with a sharp sentiment divide between politicians and the rest of the commentariat.

Does Big Tech Have a PR Problem? [Infographic]

Covid-19’s reputation impact on the tech sector has been mixed: companies like Facebook, whose reputation had been in decline since 2018, have failed to restore their image, while firms like Amazon have managed to keep their reputation positive.

Stop Hate for Profit: Can Brand Activism Change Facebook for Good?

Some of the world’s biggest brands have joined a month-long boycott of Facebook advertising in a bid to make the social media giant take tougher action against hate speech. Analysing the media discussion around the Stop Hate for Profit campaign, we found that brands such as Unilever and Verizon managed to boost their reputation by promoting their values and stances on racial justice.

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