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AstraZeneca: Corporate Reputation Analysis Case Study

Managing corporate reputation has turned into a strategic business objective for many companies, posing serious challenges to PR and comms teams to measure and manage reputation in real-time as standard media listening and analytics solutions are not tailored for reputation monitoring.

The analysis is based on 1,979,257 English-language articles from more than 15,000 online media outlets, published in the period 1st January 2019-31st December 2020.

Pharma Reputation Tracker

What is Driving Your Corporate Reputation?

The Pharma Reputation Tracker uses Commetric’s award-winning reputation analytics platform ComVix to analyse the media coverage around

pharma companies

English language media outlets

business events

reputation drivers

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Pfizer: Corporate Reputation Analysis Case Study

Not long ago, when a pharma company made headlines in the mainstream media, it was usually for all the wrong reasons – from the opioid crisis to high drug prices. We were so used to seeing the media demonise Big Pharma that it became common to think about pharma PR as perpetual crisis management.

GSK Financial Results Analysis [Infographic]

Earnings announcements are one of the most popular channels for financial communications. However, the media resonance of such announcements is decreasing due to shrinking editorial staff and budgets, and most top-tier publications like the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal tend not to write about earnings at all unless there is something highly unique.

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