Recycling in FMCG: navigating the emerging reputational risks

Learn how you can leverage media analytics and insights to enhance your sustainability strategy in FMCG


In the dynamic world of FMCG, sustainability practices are under intense scrutiny. With consumer expectations evolving and regulatory landscapes shifting, it’s crucial to understand how your recycling efforts are perceived and the potential reputational risks involved.
Our analysis of 2,958 English-language articles, published between August 2022 and March 2024, reveals critical insights into the evolving landscape of recycling in FMCG.

What you’ll find out:

Critical coverage: A significant portion of the media coverage (32%) critically examines the recycling practices of FMCG companies, highlighting issues like over-reliance on recycling as a solution to plastic pollution and misleading claims about recyclability.

Underrepresentation of reuse initiatives: Only 7% of the articles focus on reuse and reduction initiatives, indicating a missed opportunity for FMCG brands to positively differentiate themselves in the media.

Emerging reputational risks: Major FMCG companies, including Coca-Cola, Mars, and Pepsi, are increasingly scrutinised for their use of virgin plastics despite promoting their recycling efforts.

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