How do you build an evidence-based communications strategy?

In the cluttered and ever-changing world of strategic comms, how do you hit the bullseye? Whether you’re crafting a PR campaign or navigating a crisis, starting with insightful data is crucial.

In-depth comms landscapes

Understand the big picture through data visualisation

By harnessing advanced AI and analytical methodologies, we transform unstructured text into a coherent map of media narratives and stakeholder dynamics.

Blend the best of technology and expertise

Our AI-powered analytics and human insight slices through the noise, providing clarity and focus for your strategic planning.

Apply industry-specific knowledge

We bring a depth of expertise and experience to partner with you or your agency, ensuring research is customised to your sector’s unique needs.

Strategic insight for better comms planning

Our mapping studies offer an efficient alternative to traditional surveys, delivering insights you can apply directly to your plan. We establish a baseline for competitor activity, define external issues, identify key media players, discern potential advocates and critics, and pinpoint resonant messaging.