How do you quantify the impact of your campaigns?

How do you elevate the visibility of your PR’s impact, demonstrating its role within the broader marketing mix? Delivering tangible value from comms is paramount.

Media measurement and insights

Apply tailored frameworks

Our in-depth analysis of your communications goals means we create measurement frameworks that align with your objectives.

Look beyond traditional tools

We use a holistic approach to deliver a nuanced analysis of earned media, merging AI technology with thorough content enrichment to dissect brand sentiment, messaging effectiveness, and other qualitative and quantitative metrics.

Get the insights that matter

Our reports go beyond data aggregation: they narrate your brand’s market journey, with analysis that converts numbers into meaning.

A partnership that proves and drives value

Relevant and accurate measurement is just the start. We bring expertise and award-winning analysis to the table to deliver an objective view of your current performance and continual learning for your next campaign.