Regenerating ESG: a strategic approach for FMCG brands

Learn how you can leverage media analytics and insights to enhance your ESG communications strategy


In the rapidly evolving landscape of ESG, FMCG companies face the dual challenge of minimising harm and actively contributing to environmental regeneration. Our media analysis report of 2,958 English-language articles from August 2022 to March 2024 offers strategic insights to help you navigate these complexities and strengthen your ESG communications.

What you’ll find out:

In-depth topic analysis: Understand the current focus areas in ESG and identify strategic opportunities for your brand.

Actionable insights: Discover the key drivers of media visibility around regeneration and learn how to leverage these insights to enhance your ESG strategies and market positioning.

White space mapping: From emissions reduction to innovative regeneration practices, gain a holistic view of the dominant environmental initiatives, their media impact, and the white space for your strategic positioning.

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