Statins and cardiovascular health

Combatting misinformation with data-driven insights


In an era where misinformation spreads rapidly, the pharmaceutical industry faces the critical challenge of managing public perception and ensuring accurate health information reaches the public. Our stakeholder mapping report on statins and cardiovascular health addresses this challenge head-on.

What you’ll discover:

In-depth analysis: Gain insights from our analysis of 8,156 original tweets about statins, revealing that 76% of the conversation is dominated by misleading claims, while only 18% is grounded in factual, scientific information.

Credible voices identified: Learn about the key opinion leaders (KOLs) and influential healthcare professionals who are essential in countering misinformation and promoting evidence-based information.

Effective strategies: Discover how Commetric’s proprietary Influencer Network Analysis (INA) methodology identifies credible voices and key topics, equipping pharma communications professionals with the tools needed for effective ‘pre-bunking’ strategies.

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