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Machine Learning Meets Media Analysis: From Hype to Reality

First appeared on the AMEC website as part of AMEC's Tech Hub initiative. There is hardly any industry that has not jumped on the AI and Big Data Analytics bandwagon yet, but one notably lags- Public Relations (PR) and Communications. A possible reason for this is...

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Cannabis Drinks: How Can PR Normalise the Industry?

The market for cannabis drinks is expanding rapidly, with more and more states legalising marijuana, but mainstream consumer packaged goods marketers are often cautious about entering this industry due to an enduring stigma. Our media analysis found that Canopy Growth...

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Big Tobacco: Can a Demonised Industry Fix Its Reputation?

The media continues to be ruthless towards Big Tobacco, as governments present new regulations and NGOs voice even graver concerns about the dangers of smoking. However, the recent media discussion has focused on how several tobacco companies aim to reposition...

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