Identifying Key Opinion Leaders in Pharma Through Influencer Network Analysis (INA)

Key opinion leaders (KOLs) undoubtedly play a very important role in the life sciences industry. Pharma companies typically engage them during the later stages of clinical trials and during drug commercialisation.

Social Media in Pharma: Taming Word of Mouth

Whether pharmaceutical companies should leverage social media is not an issue anymore. Marketing practices in the field are evolving rapidly, and as electronic communication continues expanding, pharmaceutical professionals need a good understanding of social media’s effects on marketing more than ever before. Taking the right steps can make all the difference between a disappointing launch … Continue reading “Social Media in Pharma: Taming Word of Mouth”

Deconstructing Pharma Reputation and Corporate Communication

The media can have a disproportionate impact on your company’s reputation, leading many to speak of ‘media reputation’, or the overall evaluation of an organization as presented in the media. Far be it from me to equate media coverage with corporate reputation, it may be argued that for companies in the pharmaceutical industry, how stakeholders … Continue reading “Deconstructing Pharma Reputation and Corporate Communication”

Reach vs Engagement: Why Your Social Media Campaigns Need a Rethink

Two historic events marked Facebook’s history recently: the platform hit 2 billion monthly users and it changed its mission statement to “bring the world closer together”. What has been less talked about, however, is its evolution from social network to ad network in less than two years, and the implications thereof for social media marketers. … Continue reading “Reach vs Engagement: Why Your Social Media Campaigns Need a Rethink”

“I am an Arsenal fan”: Consumer Behaviour in Sport and Social Media Analytics

Most discussions about social media analytics in sport, and sport marketing in general, focus on using social data insights to increase fan engagement, citing isolated examples of successful social media campaigns in sports.

Storytelling and Sports: Under Armour vs Nike (Part II)

In the previous blog post, we discussed how Facebook topic data can help sportswear brand Under Armour improve its storytelling by collecting authentic consumer stories through social data and using them to add ever-deepening layers of meaning to its brand essence. As one of the oldest and brain-friendliest methods of communication, storytelling relies on patterns, i.e. characters, … Continue reading “Storytelling and Sports: Under Armour vs Nike (Part II)”

Storytelling and Sports: The Perfect Pairing (Part I)

“Storytelling” is certainly one of the buzzwords that all marketers try to make an invariable part of their jargon, and in terms of  storytelling as a branding tool, it is now common to argue that any brand story is a good brand story, if only for the sake of it. Every marketer knows that for successful … Continue reading “Storytelling and Sports: The Perfect Pairing (Part I)”

How to Measure Marketing ROI with a Single KPI

One of the existential questions that have always bothered marketers is finding the magic bullet KPI that could measure the whole value of ROI in marketing communications. In pre-digital times one such metric that all brands, and especially those in the FMCG sector, used to propagate, was share of voice (SOV). In offline communications, it … Continue reading “How to Measure Marketing ROI with a Single KPI”

Content Marketers: 3 Fundamental Truths to Guide You in Content Strategy Development

Do you feel inundated with all the marketing buzz words, tips, principles, advice, etc., telling you how to improve your content strategy development? I do!