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Coronavirus Economic Impact: Identifying the Thought Leaders

In addition to the healthcare aspects of the coronavirus pandemic, the media has been engrossed in extensive reports and analyses of how the outbreak disrupts the global economy. Most publications point out that we're witnessing one of the biggest economic shocks in...

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Energy Drinks: Media Analysis Report

Energy drinks, which represent 92% of the energy market, frequently appear in headlines across the global mainstream media, mostly in a negative light as their health effects are wrought with controversy. Analysing the most prominent messages conveyed by high-profile...

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Eurovision 2020 Was Cancelled, but Who Won on Social Media?

The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam was among the many large-scale events which were axed due to the escalating coronavirus pandemic. It became the first-ever Eurovision edition to be cancelled since the competition began 64 years ago. Of course, the world's...

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Canned Wine in the Media: The Democratisation of the Grape?

Canned wine is quickly rising in popularity thanks to a growing global taste for more convenient and environmentally friendly alternatives to bottles, prompting a cultural shift in consumer perceptions of a product often associated with snobbery and elitism. The media...

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