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Storytelling and Sports: Under Armour vs Nike (Part II)

In the previous blog post, we discussed how Facebook topic data can help sportswear brand Under Armour improve its storytelling by collecting authentic consumer stories through social data and using them to add ever-deepening layers of meaning to its brand essence. As...

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Storytelling and Sports: The Perfect Pairing (Part I)

"Storytelling" is certainly one of the buzzwords that all marketers try to make an invariable part of their jargon, and in terms of  storytelling as a branding tool, it is now common to argue that any brand story is a good brand story, if only for the sake of it....

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How to Measure Marketing ROI with a Single KPI

One of the existential questions that have always bothered marketers is finding the magic bullet KPI that could measure the whole value of ROI in marketing communications. In pre-digital times one such metric that all brands, and especially those in the FMCG sector,...

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Social media analysis vs Consumer brand surveys

Brand marketers have long used surveys to question consumers on their opinions. Now, via fast-growing social media channels, consumers are volunteering these opinions, unedited and in real-time. So can this rich source of content be mined to complement, guide or even...

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Ring of steel – how the USA protected a key industry

With the USA as one of the few Western economies which is growing apace, domestic U.S. industries have been concerned that their home market has become a dumping ground for foreign imports. None more than one of the fundamentals of industrialised economies, steel. The...

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Influential factors at the ballot box – part 2

Has it come down to Welfare, Healthcare and Education? Or will Immigration and Europe prove influential at the ballot box? The latest data from Ipsos MORI shows that the NHS, Immigration and the Economy continue to be the issues people say are the most important...

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Influential factors at the ballot box – part 1

Europe continues to be a major topic in mainstream and social media, with debate about whether the UK will remain in the EU being the main issue. Nick Clegg’s view was expressed on the matter as well as that of the major investment banks. Nigel Farage continues to...

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