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Review of Influencer Network Analysis by FreePint

Independent business information resource FreePint, which produces reviews and assessments of tools and methodologies in the information management space, recently did a product review of Commetric's Influencer Network Analysis. Click here (.pdf, 2.05 MB) to read it.

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An Analysis of Ebola Coverage in Politicized U.S. Media

It has been over nine months since news of the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa first erupted into Western media. Since 1976, there have been more than 30 outbreaks of Ebola in the world but officials declared this one “history’s deadliest.”[i] Starting in December...

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Bisphenol A – a story that won’t go away

Many brands can face "chronic" issues which are both negative and long term. These can be real or just misinformation - either way they can be serious communications problems for our clients. Understanding their media impact is central to the strategic value of what...

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The strength of weak media signals

McKinsey & Company has recently written about the ‘Strength of weak signals’ and their importance for business strategy. Their proposal suggests that snippets of information, found buried within the media can contain powerful business intelligence. “As information...

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The Lampedusa Tragedy in the Twitterverse

“Tragedy”, “dying” and “mercy” were among the most commonly used words in the Twitterverse to describe the dreadful event, which happened on October 3rd some kilometer and a half away from the coast of Italy's southernmost island Lampedusa. The shipwreck took the...

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