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Single-Use Plastic in the Media [Infographic]

Single-use plastic has become a central topic for a growing number of high-profile media publications. In line with the increasing focus on broader themes such as climate change and sustainability, the media conversation around plastic pollution is becoming livelier...

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Quantum Computing: The New Race for Tech Supremacy

"Quantum" is quickly becoming a tech buzzword like "AI" or "Big Data", as a growing number of companies boost their investments in what is largely perceived as the future of computing. The global mainstream media created a real buzz around quantum computing when...

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Consumer Activism: A Growing Threat to Corporate Reputation

While consumer activism has been a well-established practice in the developed economies, the ubiquity of traditional and social media platforms has provided unprecedented intensity and visibility to various movements. Although some primary analyses suggest that...

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Electric Vehicles: A Long-Distance Reputation Race

The media closely follows the automotive industry's long journey towards reinventing itself against a backdrop of slow sales, an ongoing US-China trade war, Brexit and new European emissions regulations. For some companies, such as Volkswagen and Hyundai, the electric...

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Victoria’s Secret: Have the Angels Fallen from Grace?

The reputation of the world's best-known lingerie retailer is under growing threat as the brand has been repeatedly accused of being anachronistic and disconnected from the current sociocultural zeitgeist. The recent media discussion around Victoria's Secret focused...

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Sustainable Finance: The Rise of the Value-Driven Investor

Sustainability has become a hot topic for the financial industry, with asset managers increasingly making investments driven by their corporate values. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing is a growing focus for many business publications, and...

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Opioid Crisis: The Hardest Blow to Pharma’s Reputation?

The media conversation around the biggest public health crisis in the US has immensely strengthened the already popular narrative portraying Big Pharma as an industry which prioritises profit over consumer well-being. Purdue Pharma, which was recently sued by nearly...

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