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Big Tobacco: Can a Demonised Industry Fix Its Reputation?

The media continues to be ruthless towards Big Tobacco, as governments present new regulations and NGOs voice even graver concerns about the dangers of smoking. However, the recent media discussion has focused on how several tobacco companies aim to reposition...

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Pride 2021: How Can Brands Steer Clear of Pink-Washing?

As a growing number of brands celebrate Pride Month, criticism for “rainbow capitalism” has never been louder, with many commentators feeling that corporations approach Pride as a box-ticking PR exercise without actually supporting LGBTQ+ communities. Our...

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How Do CEOs Gain Prominence in 2021? A Media Analysis

As CEOs have been some of the most often quoted spokespeople during the crisis, we decided to employ our AI-based CEO Media Visibility Tracker to see which business leaders were most prominent since the start of 2021. We found that big five tech superstars - Elon...

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