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Plastic Pandemic? How Covid Changed the Plastic Debate

Before the pandemic, the media conversation around plastic pollution was becoming livelier and livelier, fuelling an ever-dynamic discussion on social media, in line with the increasing focus on broader themes such as climate change and sustainability. As public...

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Earnings Releases and PR: The Perks of Media Analytics

It's hardly surprising that media mentions from earnings releases, especially outside of the specialised financial press - newsroom cutbacks and shrinking media budgets have made editorial teams consider earnings announcements not newsworthy enough. Many mainstream...

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GSK Financial Results Analysis [Infographic]

Earnings announcements are one of the most popular channels for financial communications. However, the media resonance of such announcements is decreasing due to shrinking editorial staff and budgets, and most top-tier publications like the New York Times or the Wall...

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CEOs Reaction to Biden: The Dawn of CEO Activism?

There’s no question the 2020 US election was unusual in every way. But there was one particular aspect which was especially interesting to corporate comms professionals: CEOs played an important role during one of the most turbulent times in recent American history....

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Biotech: Pharma’s Reputation Saviour?

Our recent pharma analysis concluded that journalists have started to report more favourably of pharma’s work and that companies are experiencing a reputational boost as the pandemic highlights their role in developing medications and vaccines. This comes at a time...

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Super Bowl LV: EVs and Humour Steal the Media Buzz

Super Bowl, which typically draws around 100 million viewers and has been frequently rated the most-watched broadcast, this year drew the smallest audience since 2007, as the pandemic prevented many from attending big viewing parties in homes and bars. This was the...

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Pfizer: Corporate Reputation Analysis Case Study

Not long ago, when a pharma company made headlines in the mainstream media, it was usually for all the wrong reasons - from the opioid crisis to high drug prices. We were so used to seeing the media demonise Big Pharma that it became common to think...

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