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The Oscars – Who Won on Social Media?

The 90th annual Academy Awards were held in Los Angeles over the weekend, honoring the highest achievements in film during the past year. With heavy competition in most major categories, and the spectre of #MeToo and #TimesUp hanging in the background, it was an event...

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Social Media in Pharma: Taming Word of Mouth

Whether pharmaceutical companies should leverage social media is not an issue anymore. Marketing practices in the field are evolving rapidly, and as electronic communication continues expanding, pharmaceutical professionals need a good understanding of social media’s...

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Exponential Growth: The Rise of Instagram Influencers

Lately it feels like Facebook has been featured in the news for all the wrong reasons – hacking issues, the dissemination of fake news, content algorithm changes. But when it comes to finances, the social media giant seems to be doing better than ever. During 2017’s...

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Mapping the Top Food & Drink Trends of 2018 – Sherry

Tucked between the travel and beauty sections of the latest J. Walter Thompson "Future 100" report is an entire section dedicated to emerging trends in the food & beverage industry. Vertical farming, algorithmic food design, mood factoring – concepts that may...

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Top Trends in Food & Drink For 2018 [Infographic]

In its 'Future 100' report, marketing and research consultancy JWT Intelligence foresees a 2018 full of transformational change and new opportunities—for consumers and the brands they buy. We selected the food and beverage trends with the biggest global media coverage...

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