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The power of weak media signals

A new way to measure return on reputation

Developing strategies for investor relations and risk communication involves an ongoing process of sense-making of ambiguous information and the detection and interpretation of weak media signals. Commetric’s collaborative intelligence approach combines the best of human expertise and technology to unlock the power of weak media signals and turn them into actionable insights.

We bridge the gap between IR and PR


of IR officers agree that the inclusion of non-financial factors in investor decision-making (environmental, social or governance issues) will have the greatest influence on the IR function over the next 10 years


of IR officers say that their biggest challenge is how to communicate non-financial aspects of corporate values effectively


of IR officers’ time is spent on tactical rather than strategic tasks

Source: Global Trends in Investor Relations, BNY Mellon

Our approach

A new business intelligence framework to manage reputation and shareholder value

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Performance measurement

Our ComVix framework measures the impact of your communications on share price by identifying the news-reported reputation drivers that investors are most sensitive to.


Competitive benchmarking

We help you understand how your competitors’ comms strategies are impacting investor sentiment by highlighting the reputation drivers that move markets on company and industry level.

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Risk monitoring

We monitor the media to provide you with additional aspects and definitions of the risks surrounding your organisation and their impact on investor sentiment.

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Communications planning

We mine the news to identify the business events that cause unusual share price movements to help you develop well-targeted communications that reduce share price variability.

Why Commetric

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Technology innovation

Companies increasingly invoke AI in their marketing regardless of their true expertise in the area. We have invested more than 250 man-years of expertise to create a unique technology platform, a hybrid between rule-based NLP and machine learning.

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Expert insight

For every dollar invested in media analytics tools, nine times as much should be invested in human interpretation and analysis. We create collaborative intelligence by combining technology and expert human insight to enable our clients to realise the full potential of their media research investments.


Functional expertise

Transform your enterprise by reinventing key functional areas, with our expertise.

Integrate your corporate reputation evaluation

Media analytics
Influencer mapping
Social media analytics
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Reputation analytics
Media monitoring

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