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Traditions in technology development

Commetric has a long history of developing advanced technologies for media analytics. We have invested more than 250 man years of expertise to create the most elaborate platforms for end-to-end media research and advanced reputation analytics.

ComVix – our innovative reputation analytics platform

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Machine learning and NLP

ComVix is a hybrid between rule-based NLP and machine learning sub-systems that delivers precision and recall of above 90% in classifying news-reported business events.

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Granular taxonomy

While other platforms categorise entities or topics, ComVix is capable of disambiguating sentence structure to classify almost 500 business events.


Share price and news flow

ComVix models the relationship between the corporate news and share price change to provide unique insights into company and industry reputation drivers.


Historical metadata

ComVix has processed more than 3.6 billion media articles over the last decade to provide the most extensive archive of metadata for historical analysis and data modelling.

Cogent – our proprietary media research platform


End-to-end functionality

Cogent supports the entire media analytics workflow to support enterprise media research teams.


Multiple content formats

Cogent is able to process multiple formats of unstructured media data, delivering clean data for coding.


Multiple objectives and metrics

Cogent combines qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and allows coding for a wide range of metrics.

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Interactive reporting

Cogent has an integrated reporting and analysis module which delivers interactive drill-down charts for multi-dimensional analysis.

Not all our intelligence is artificial.

AI-enabled human insight sets us apart.

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