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PR campaign evaluation


Our in-depth articles, research, and expert opinions exploring the latest trends, tools, and techniques used in measuring media impact, evaluating brand reputation, and assessing PR campaigns’ effectiveness. Commetric blog also delves into the application of data-driven strategies in PR and communications, highlighting the importance of utilising data to inform decision-making and enhance audience engagement.

ESG Media Monitor by Commetric

ESG Media Monitor

The ESG Media Monitor uses Commetric’s award-winning reputation analytics platform ComVix to analyse the ESG profile of more than 3,000 public companies from the US and the UK in more than 50,000 English language media outlets worldwide. It can be used to assess the non-financial ESG performance of companies and industries alongside ESG ratings and other sources of ESG intelligence.

PR Strategy


Practical insights and case studies to help PR and Comms professionals better understand how to interpret and utilise media data effectively. A go-to resource for knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of media measurement and make data-driven decisions that drive successful PR and communication campaigns.

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