We are thrilled to announce that Commetric’s new employee development and appraisal programme won а Best HR project award at the Annual HR Awards organised by the Bulgarian Association for People Management (BAPM).

BAPM is a professional organisation established to support and develop professionals in the people management field.

Christina Totseva, Managing Director at Commetric, explained that the firm’s HR project included the development of a personalised KPIs system for managing performance that took a lot of team effort, group sessions, one-to-ones, lots of thinking, and recalibration.

“Every employee deserves a clear path for development and success and the ability to shape this journey. I believe our performance management system achieves that through the perfect translation of the corporate objectives into personalised ones,” Totseva said.

“The work on this project put a lot of things in perspective and once again confirmed my belief that people advance following their interests which – when aligned with the company’s interests – create an ideal ground for overall success,” she added.

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