The Anatomy of a Social Media Crisis: Lessons from the Fashion and Food Industries

While the study of crisis management within public relations has emerged with industrial and environmental accidents, the practice quickly evolved to incorporate online cataclysms as one of its main points of concern, as the increasing empowerment of stakeholder groups in today’s hyper-connected economy has led researchers to speak about Internet Crisis Potential (ICP). This potential … Continue reading “The Anatomy of a Social Media Crisis: Lessons from the Fashion and Food Industries”

Boeing’s Ethiopian Crash: A Study in Bad Crisis Management

Boeing, the world’s largest commercial aircraft manufacturer, is in the midst of a swelling PR crisis after the Lion Air crash in October 2018 and the Ethiopian Airlines crash in March 2019. The fatal accidents involved the same jet model, the Boeing’s best-selling 737 MAX, which has been a central business driver since the company … Continue reading “Boeing’s Ethiopian Crash: A Study in Bad Crisis Management”

Financial Crisis Anniversary: The Media’s Verdicts

Communication professionals working in finance could draw important lessons from the recent coverage of the financial crisis’ 10th anniversary – it encapsulates the PR problems that have been plaguing the industry for the last decade. Employing our media analytics tools, we examined how the coverage reflected the developments in economics, financial services, personal finances, regulation … Continue reading “Financial Crisis Anniversary: The Media’s Verdicts”

US-China Trade War: Corporate Communications in the Battlefields

As the two largest national economies embroil in a trade showdown, it is individual companies which are in the centre of extensive reportages and economic commentary: the dispute is not just between the two countries, but also between corporations and policy makers, as the former are usually opposed to protectionist approaches. In the accelerating tit-for-tat … Continue reading “US-China Trade War: Corporate Communications in the Battlefields”

Crisis PR After a Hack: Case Studies

As the business world implements new technologies at an overwhelmingly accelerating pace and companies fiercely play “who’s more digital”, cybersecurity risks increase by the day. The US government has estimated that more than 4000 ransomware attacks have occurred daily since 2016, while Accenture’s recent Cost of Cybercrime Study found that cybercrime is costing organisations an … Continue reading “Crisis PR After a Hack: Case Studies”

Delete Facebook – The Birth of Digital Divestment?

By all accounts, Mark Zuckerberg is not having the best start to the year. On March 17, an investigative piece by The New York Times and The London Observer blew the lid off a previously unknown data breach, orchestrated by British company Cambridge Analytica. The scheme reportedly succeeded in collecting the personal data of more … Continue reading “Delete Facebook – The Birth of Digital Divestment?”

Crisis Communications under the spotlight – the case of Tesco Bank

Tesco Bank Fraud – A well managed crisis with broader implications for all consumer facing industries. Over the course of a weekend in November, Tesco Bank was subjected to an organised cyberattack which saw 40,000 of its customer’s accounts a target of theft or suspicious activity. The attack was described as an ‘unprecedented breach of … Continue reading “Crisis Communications under the spotlight – the case of Tesco Bank”