Boeing’s Ethiopian Crash: A Study in Bad Crisis Management

Boeing, the world’s largest commercial aircraft manufacturer, is in the midst of a swelling PR crisis after the Lion Air crash in October 2018 and the Ethiopian Airlines crash in March 2019. The fatal accidents involved the same jet model, the Boeing’s best-selling 737 MAX, which has been a central business driver since the company … Continue reading “Boeing’s Ethiopian Crash: A Study in Bad Crisis Management”

Geneva Motor Show 2019: Go Electric or Go Home

Ever since its inception in 1905, the annual Geneva International Motor Show has been one of the most important events for the global automobile industry. And while manufacturers’ increasing unwillingness to invest in big set-piece events has affected a number of long-established motor shows – for instance, last year’s Paris show was missing many key … Continue reading “Geneva Motor Show 2019: Go Electric or Go Home”

The Role of Influencer Mapping in Reputation Management

The business media is full of expressions such as “every company is a… [fill in the blank] company”. The most popular example is “every company is a technology company”, which is often modified to “every business is a digital business” and, if we want to sound really cutting-edge, “every industry is an internet of things … Continue reading “The Role of Influencer Mapping in Reputation Management”

Mobile World Congress 2019: 5G Battle Intensifies with Foldable Weapons

The 2019 instalment of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the world’s largest event for the mobile industry, was held in Barcelona. It attracted more than 109,000 visitors, over 55% of whom with senior-level positions, including more than 7,900 CEOs. The theme of this year’s tradeshow was ‘Intelligent Connectivity’ – a term encompassing the interplay between … Continue reading “Mobile World Congress 2019: 5G Battle Intensifies with Foldable Weapons”

Sustainable Fashion: Bringing Green into Vogue

Sustainable fashion has become a management agenda for an increasing number of brands, and communicating environmental values is in the centre of many ambitious campaigns. Using our Influencer Network Analysis (INA) methodology, we analysed the recent media coverage to find the brands and influencers most often associated with the sustainable fashion trend.   Earlier this … Continue reading “Sustainable Fashion: Bringing Green into Vogue”

Super Bowl LIII: Who Won the 2019 Brand Awareness Championship

Apart from sports, Super Bowl is about one thing: advertising. Super Bowl ads have become something of a cultural phenomenon, with companies trying not only to promote their products on the day of the game but also to build brand awareness by generating buzz around their high-profile commercials. And while more than 100 million people … Continue reading “Super Bowl LIII: Who Won the 2019 Brand Awareness Championship”

Gillette Ad Controversy: Social Media Insights

Analysing the Twitter conversation around Gillette’s controversial ad, we found that the backlash might have been overstated by traditional media and that the brand’s campaign was successful in terms of reach and customer engagement. In addition, we identified several other brands which were at the forefront of the discussion.    Not many brands have made … Continue reading “Gillette Ad Controversy: Social Media Insights”

Fast Food in the Media: The Rise of the Health-Conscious Consumer

As consumers become increasingly health-conscious, fast food brands are launching new products and drafting health-related communications strategies. Because they are entering a public discourse inherently hostile to their industry, they should get prepared by analysing the debate through sophisticated media analytics and measurement. In this blog post, we discuss the central topics in the fast … Continue reading “Fast Food in the Media: The Rise of the Health-Conscious Consumer”

Dietary Supplements: Building Healthier Brand Awareness

As a result of extensive communications campaigns by pharma companies, consumer awareness about health issues is on the rise, contributing to the growth of the supplements market. However, the promotional efforts in this area revolve around particular ingredients rather than brands, which leads to a general lack of brand awareness. To resolve this issue, companies … Continue reading “Dietary Supplements: Building Healthier Brand Awareness”