US-China Trade War: Corporate Communications in the Battlefields

As the two largest national economies embroil in a trade showdown, it is individual companies which are in the centre of extensive reportages and economic commentary: the dispute is not just between the two countries, but also between corporations and policy makers, as the former are usually opposed to protectionist approaches. In the accelerating tit-for-tat … Continue reading “US-China Trade War: Corporate Communications in the Battlefields”

Deconstructing Pharma Reputation and Corporate Communication

The media can have a disproportionate impact on your company’s reputation, leading many to speak of ‘media reputation’, or the overall evaluation of an organization as presented in the media. Far be it from me to equate media coverage with corporate reputation, it may be argued that for companies in the pharmaceutical industry, how stakeholders … Continue reading “Deconstructing Pharma Reputation and Corporate Communication”