An updated brand shows a new face, a new promise and an indication of real change for a business aiming to thrive in an evolving industry.

All brand design work can be dismissed as ‘fluff’ for those who are inclined to think so. But for many who work in marketing, comms or PR, understanding the alchemy between form and content, between art and science, is part of what makes your industry tick.

Having worked closely on many brand relaunches over the years – both for agencies I’ve worked in and for the brands they serve – the reasons for rethinking a brand’s architecture tend to fall into three overlapping buckets.

Some are just a fresh ‘lick of paint’: updating a look and feel that’s become dated or stale. These help brands reassure their existing clients and sometimes attract new ones. And while this may seem superficial, it can just be good housekeeping to recognise your ‘timeless brand’ actually had a sell-by date all along.

Others reflect a new ambition: letting the market know where you are heading and building expectation that you will get there soon. While there’s an element of ‘fake it till you make it’ here, part of the message is an internal one: what are we trying to achieve as a business and what does good really look like?

Finally, brands reinvent themselves to reflect a real change: a rethink of the product or service, the buyer or the business model. In these cases, a new brand – sometimes even a new name – are required to jolt the market into understanding there’s something genuinely different that’s worth a second look.

Commetric’s new brand – which we’ve launched this week – has elements of all three.

Why now?

Our brand was tired. After being in business for almost 20 years we recognised that we needed some outside help to rethink what our brand should mean in the market and how we could be distinct. This was the easy part.

We now have a clear ambition. Technology has been in the background and not the foreground of our offer. We live in an industry that’s being shaken – hard – by the advent of GenAI. We’re determined to thrive, not just survive, in that new world. High value comms consulting has too often been the exception, not the norm, for us. We know we can deploy our people better in the areas that matter to strategic clients. Part of our challenge is believing in ourselves. A new brand makes this easier.

But we have already changed – a lot. When we solve problems with machine learning and LLM technology built into our solutions, we see clients’ eyebrows raise. When they watch our homegrown software in action, they always do a double-take. Some want to license it, others even want to buy it. The future is here already, we just haven’t yet done a good enough job of telling people.

Our new brand needs to reflect all of the above.

What’s changed?

We’ve updated our logo, our website and our slideware to something we can be even prouder of. We’re changing our consulting approach, what we say and how we say it. And we now have a positioning that puts the software we use every day at the heart of who we are and how we add value.

We believe most clients don’t want a one-size-fits-all SaaS solution, but nor are they convinced that expensive service providers can deliver value for money at scale. We think there is another way: a client-centric agency with the technology to deliver better, faster value where and when you want it. An agency that puts the power of AI and LLMs to the service of your specific challenges.

So, in a nutshell, Commetric goes further: further in the depth of software applications, further in the breadth of our smarts and expertise, and further in our relentless focus on delivering the exact services you need.

We hope we get a chance to show you.