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Our media analysis reveals that energy companies are missing a prime PR opportunity by focusing on justifying fossil fuel investments rather than crafting a new narrative for green transition.

What Commetric found

In 2023, amid record temperatures, energy giants faced intensified criticism for prioritising fossil fuel expansion, raising doubts about their commitment to sustainability.

Commetric’s analysis of 3,771 English-language articles over the past year focused on four major energy players – BP, ExxonMobil, Equinor, and TotalEnergies. Our thematic analysis showed that Green transition emerged as the dominant topic, accounting for 39% of the discussion.

Each company faced harsh criticism.

  • ExxonMobil faced scrutiny for denying climate change publicly while acknowledging it internally.
  • BP encountered environmental controversies and legal challenges, including hefty penalties for air pollution.
  • TotalEnergies clashed with environmental groups over climate impact and alleged emissions underreporting.
  • Equinor faced regulatory scrutiny and calls to sever ties with environmental organisations.

Because of these challenges, energy companies have been caught in a defensive cycle, justifying fossil fuel investments and reinforcing their image as reluctant to change.

Against this backdrop, their efforts to promote green solutions like hydrogen and carbon capture have been overshadowed by their environmental track record.

How Commetric can help

To effectively reshape the narrative around their energy transition efforts, energy companies must overhaul their PR strategy. Here’s how Commetric can assist:

  • Lead the green movement: Transition from a defensive stance to proactive influence, leveraging extensive experience in energy production and distribution.
  • Craft impactful storytelling: Maintain a clear focus. Commetric’s tailored measurement programs cut through media noise, spotlighting your sustainability endeavours in a way that resonates and dispels scepticism. Shifting from defence to proactive storytelling showcases your journey effectively.
  • Reshape reputation with insights: Navigate public perception complexities with Commetric as your ally. Our approach delves beyond surface mentions to analyse sentiment, trends, and messaging impact. Through a blend of AI and expert analysis, we empower you to shift the narrative from industry laggards to sustainability leaders, turning criticism into positive momentum.

Discover how Commetric’s AI-driven and human-curated media analytics can equip you with a best-in-class green transition strategy.

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