Super Bowl LIII: Who Won the 2019 Brand Awareness Championship

Apart from sports, Super Bowl is about one thing: advertising. Super Bowl ads have become something of a cultural phenomenon, with companies trying not only to promote their products on the day of the game but also to build brand awareness by generating buzz around their high-profile commercials. And while more than 100 million people … Continue reading “Super Bowl LIII: Who Won the 2019 Brand Awareness Championship”

Davos 2019: AI and Global Growth on CEOs’ Minds

In the beginning of every year, the media shines its spotlight on the Swiss Alpine town of Davos, where political and business leaders from around the world gather to chew over the issues of the day. Interestingly, the conversation around this January’s World Economic Forum meeting focused not only on the attendees but also on … Continue reading “Davos 2019: AI and Global Growth on CEOs’ Minds”

Alzheimer’s in the Media: The Power of Influencers

Due to the 99.6% failure rate of new Alzheimer’s drugs, scepticism is the default attitude in the media coverage of everything around the increasingly occurring disease. To tackle the inevitable reputation hurdles, communication professionals should take advantage from the fact that voices of authority within the pharma industry have regained credibility – the percentage of consumers … Continue reading “Alzheimer’s in the Media: The Power of Influencers”

Delete Facebook – The Birth of Digital Divestment?

By all accounts, Mark Zuckerberg is not having the best start to the year. On March 17, an investigative piece by The New York Times and The London Observer blew the lid off a previously unknown data breach, orchestrated by British company Cambridge Analytica. The scheme reportedly succeeded in collecting the personal data of more … Continue reading “Delete Facebook – The Birth of Digital Divestment?”

The Oscars – Who Won on Social Media?

The 90th annual Academy Awards were held in Los Angeles over the weekend, honoring the highest achievements in film during the past year. With heavy competition in most major categories, and the spectre of #MeToo and #TimesUp hanging in the background, it was an event with a lot to prove, and no clear front-runner. Social … Continue reading “The Oscars – Who Won on Social Media?”