Geneva Motor Show 2019: Go Electric or Go Home

Ever since its inception in 1905, the annual Geneva International Motor Show has been one of the most important events for the global automobile industry. And while manufacturers’ increasing unwillingness to invest in big set-piece events has affected a number of long-established motor shows – for instance, last year’s Paris show was missing many key … Continue reading “Geneva Motor Show 2019: Go Electric or Go Home”

CES 2019: Who Won Tech’s Biggest Race for Media Attention

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the biggest treat for communications professionals in the technology industry. The show provides a platform for companies of all sizes to build their brands by exhibiting, speaking, sponsoring, attending or holding co-located events and business meetings. The attendance audit numbers of this January’s CES are coming in the … Continue reading “CES 2019: Who Won Tech’s Biggest Race for Media Attention”

Pharma M&A: The Importance of Good Comms Strategies

Following a quiet 2017, the number of big M&A deals in the pharma industry increased in 2018, accompanied by extensive media reports and commentary. PR has played a major role: the chances of closing deals are higher when companies boost their communications strategies. Analysing the 2018 coverage, we discovered which pharma companies were most often … Continue reading “Pharma M&A: The Importance of Good Comms Strategies”

Fast Food in the Media: The Rise of the Health-Conscious Consumer

As consumers become increasingly health-conscious, fast food brands are launching new products and drafting health-related communications strategies. Because they are entering a public discourse inherently hostile to their industry, they should get prepared by analysing the debate through sophisticated media analytics and measurement. In this blog post, we discuss the central topics in the fast … Continue reading “Fast Food in the Media: The Rise of the Health-Conscious Consumer”

Dietary Supplements: Building Healthier Brand Awareness

As a result of extensive communications campaigns by pharma companies, consumer awareness about health issues is on the rise, contributing to the growth of the supplements market. However, the promotional efforts in this area revolve around particular ingredients rather than brands, which leads to a general lack of brand awareness. To resolve this issue, companies … Continue reading “Dietary Supplements: Building Healthier Brand Awareness”

The Internet of Things: Leveraging the New Industrial Revolution

The media tends to reiterate that the Internet of Things (IoT) is a game-changer for every industry, and the conversation on this topic is becoming livelier and livelier across various channels. Those striving to leverage IoT should be familiar with the topics and companies driving the IoT coverage. Analysing the top publications globally, we discovered … Continue reading “The Internet of Things: Leveraging the New Industrial Revolution”

Trends in Telco PR: 5G in the Media

Telecommunications companies aiming to leverage 5G are currently in the process of positioning themselves as the top players in the new field. Their PR priority is to be perceived as first-movers, innovators, critical for digital transformation and fundamental for IoT projects. This can be achieved by designing a data-driven communications strategy. Utilising our media analytics … Continue reading “Trends in Telco PR: 5G in the Media”

Meat Alternatives: Cooking Up a Market Disruption

The meat substitutes market is gaining momentum, driven by lively debates in the media, and many big food companies want to take a bite. Analysing the media coverage, we found that the most widely discussed topics are ethics and animal rights, research, regulation and policy, health aspects, environmental issues, product development and business models. In … Continue reading “Meat Alternatives: Cooking Up a Market Disruption”

Cannabis-Infused Drinks: Exploring the New Beverage Trend

As the global soft-drink and alcohol consumption slows down, a growing number of companies think of cannabis beverages as a new growth vector. However, marketing cannabis-infused products could bring some reputational risks. An effective PR campaign can’t afford to ignore influencers with a well-established authority on this controversial subject. Using our media analytics tools, we … Continue reading “Cannabis-Infused Drinks: Exploring the New Beverage Trend”