With the USA as one of the few Western economies which is growing apace, domestic U.S. industries have been concerned that their home market has become a dumping ground for foreign imports. None more than one of the fundamentals of industrialised economies, steel. The challenge, particularly from South Korea, China and other Asian countries, unified political and industrial foes, as well as boardroom and factory floor. And their combined lobbying led to a US Commerce Department decision to impose duties on steel pipe and tube imports.

The whole process played out publicly in the US is a textbook case analysed by Commetric. We looked at top US news and business media sources for feature articles relating to the U.S. steel industry between 1 May 2014 and 31 October 2014 to try and understand who were the key influencers in the debate. We used our award winning, proprietary Influencer Network Analysis software to understand the dominant topics, as well as pinpoint the networks between the key players.

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