The Cannes Lions Creative Effectiveness awards celebrate the measurable impact of creativity. The work needs to demonstrate hard results over the long term, i.e. how the communication campaign drove tangible business effects, was instrumental to cultural change or integral in the achievement of brand purpose.

The Cannes Lions 2017  reflect some important trends, especially with regards to the use of social media in communication campaigns. Social media remains the most used channel overall, but compared with previous years it is used far less frequently as a lead channel. 

The growing importance of video means that social is being used to host and amplify video content- in these cases it is the video, rather the platform it is hosted on, that is taking the lead role.

Finally, the changing approach of social platforms goes on to say that the emphasis has shifted away from using social as a community-building tool towards social as a platform for driving reach, often in support of other channels.

Check our infographic below for more interesting insights into winning communication strategies.