We are honoured to announce that our proprietary reputation analytics platform ComVix has won the Best in Marketing Technology prize at the EMEA 2020 In2 SABRE Awards.

This is a testament to Commetric’s long-term commitment to investing in machine learning and natural language processing to enhance insights for our clients.

ComVix is an online reputation analytics platform that uses AI and media data for automated reputation evaluation. It has been trained on 3.6 billion media articles from more than 50,000 media sources to extract 150 million business events driving corporate reputation.

Apart from real-time, automatic extraction of reputation drivers from the media, ComVix performs advanced sentiment evaluation on those drivers to arrive at a quantitative measure of reputation- ComVix Reputation Index (CRI). ComVix insights are available via an online interactive platform as well as in custom reports.

ComVix is also the backbone of Commetric’s COVID-19 Business Impact Tracker, which automatically analyses media data and then extracts and categorises news reports of specific business events that affect companies and industries linked to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, our Pharma team won a Certificate of Excellence in the Best in Measurement, Post-Campaign Analysis category for media analysis related to quarterly earnings results.

You can read the full awards list here.

Congratulations to all other winners!

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