Meat Alternatives: Cooking Up a Market Disruption

The meat substitutes market is gaining momentum, driven by lively debates in the media, and many big food companies want to take a bite. Analysing the media coverage, we found that the most widely discussed topics are ethics and animal rights, research, regulation and policy, health aspects, environmental issues, product development and business models. In … Continue reading “Meat Alternatives: Cooking Up a Market Disruption”

PR Measurement in Pharma: The Key to Effective Communication Strategies

In the dawn of AMEC’s Measurement Month, a global programme of activities shining the spotlight on the importance of PR measurement, we thought we could highlight the immense value of PR measurement by surveying its applications in an industry suffering from a growing trust problem – pharma. The reputation of pharmaceutical companies depends on the … Continue reading “PR Measurement in Pharma: The Key to Effective Communication Strategies”

Cannabis-Infused Drinks: Exploring the New Beverage Trend

As the global soft-drink and alcohol consumption slows down, a growing number of companies think of cannabis beverages as a new growth vector. However, marketing cannabis-infused products could bring some reputational risks. An effective PR campaign can’t afford to ignore influencers with a well-established authority on this controversial subject. Using our media analytics tools, we … Continue reading “Cannabis-Infused Drinks: Exploring the New Beverage Trend”

Financial Crisis Anniversary: The Media’s Verdicts

Communication professionals working in finance could draw important lessons from the recent coverage of the financial crisis’ 10th anniversary – it encapsulates the PR problems that have been plaguing the industry for the last decade. Employing our media analytics tools, we examined how the coverage reflected the developments in economics, financial services, personal finances, regulation … Continue reading “Financial Crisis Anniversary: The Media’s Verdicts”

Pharma and Mental Health: Reputation Challenges

Analysing the mental health coverage, we concluded that while the awareness of mental health issues is increasing, pharma’s reputation in this area lags behind: the number of mental health-related articles which mention pharma companies is very limited. In addition, many mental health patient groups suggest that pharma should forge closer relationships with them and that … Continue reading “Pharma and Mental Health: Reputation Challenges”

Alzheimer’s in the Media: The Power of Influencers

Due to the 99.6% failure rate of new Alzheimer’s drugs, scepticism is the default attitude in the media coverage of everything around the increasingly occurring disease. To tackle the inevitable reputation hurdles, communication professionals should take advantage from the fact that voices of authority within the pharma industry have regained credibility – the percentage of consumers … Continue reading “Alzheimer’s in the Media: The Power of Influencers”

The Future of Pharma? Mapping the Gene Therapy Trend

In their latest study on the pharma market, intelligence provider Evaluate pointed out that the development and commercialisation of gene and cell therapies are turning into a powerful engine of value creation for pharma companies. The launch of these novel therapies is also instrumental in fueling the global growth of the market, where total prescription … Continue reading “The Future of Pharma? Mapping the Gene Therapy Trend”

Big Pharma vs Big Tech: Healthcare Innovation Trends in the Media

“Part of our competitors are not only the Novartis of the world and the other pharmas, but really the Amazons and Googles,” Yitzhak Peterburg, the former CEO of pharmaceutical giant Teva, said a year ago, adding that the global healthcare sector is facing a “huge disruption” by tech giants which start competing with traditional players … Continue reading “Big Pharma vs Big Tech: Healthcare Innovation Trends in the Media”